Our program is famous for its all-inclusive services:

Four Days at a championship course  (Tuesday -Friday)

  • Luxury Accommodations at Safety Harbor, FL or Los Abri, AZ
  • Casual Fine Dining Breakfast and Dinner
  • Seven Day Resort Membership
  • Expert instruction from PGA-certified personnel
  • Mineral pools, hot tubs with private sauna, steam rooms
  • Spa services available

A Quit Smoking Golf Retreat 

7 Day Program 

How to Stay the Course of Abstinence

18 Holes to WellnessTM

We know the importance that a good round of golf can have on your life and that's why Smoking Cessation Wellness has developed a Program for Golfers to enjoy their sport as they get their mind on the Game and off nicotine.

During your 7 Day Program - which follows our tailored seven day at home counseled, "Quit Prep Week", you will Golf by day, then relax in the afternoons at a local, fully equipped luxury Resort and Spa. Working with professional counselors and support staff, participating in education workshops as we design a tailored program to help you give up smoking for a healthier lifestyle, freeing you of your smoking addiction.

Our Quit Scorecard


  • Complimentary 30 minute Clinical Intake Consultation and complete Program Overview  your initial Contact by Professional Counseling Staff Member


  • Two weeks prior to the start of our program, we will begin tailoring
    a Quit Smoking preparatory phase through counseling and educational materials which will be covered during our week long at home guided prep for psychological and emotional readiness in giving up nicotine. You will continue with on-going group / individual counseling sessions during your Golf Quit retreat week.

  • Day One Education Workshops will prepare you for our infamous  "Quit Night"  Monday Evening  of your Wellness Retreat. 

    Group workshops continue regularly during the day. Check-Ins are scheduled (and required) on all Quit Days in order for you to remain on target while enjoying all the amenities available to you at both Countryside Golf Resort and Safety Harbor Spa.

  • Counseling staff are available and on-site with 24/7 support with our experienced clinical team.

  • Each Program will only have a maximum of 8 Smoker Participants. You will gain in support, camraderie, confidence and competency in both your goals, game and a successful quit smoking experience unlike any other!



​The first few days of recovery can often be uncomfortable. 

  • Activities,  such as Golf, incorporates challenging fun adventure creating laughter and memories. These activities can certainly contribute to helping the quit process more tolerable. - and fun.

  • Don't care to Golf and are a companion for one of our Smoker Participants? Enjoy Amenities at the Resort tailored for health and wellness.
    Small Groups - limited by only eight golfers per session, allowing for unity, camaraderie and support with all Participants working towards a common goal.

  • WE NOW OFFER A WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM for our Smoker Participants with our Staff to help you achieve those goals as a new non-smoker as well

Our Motto is, "Move a Muscle, Change a Thought!" 

  • Clients report this unique method combining Golf with Counseling, adventures and the support of other like-minded people wishing to give up smoking, find it keeps them mentally and emotionally busy, taking their minds away from the difficulties often attributed to their detoxification of Nicotine.

  • You will experience far less symptoms with less intense craving periods as you learn how to distract yourself with Golf in the mornings and a Health Spa Retreat in the afternoons.